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Concept art for the upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

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The Loneliest Unicorn by Josh Cooley


The Loneliest Unicorn by Josh Cooley 

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Remarkable ‘Game of Thrones’ Illustration of Daenerys Targaryen by Sam Spratt

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Visual Development from Peter Pan by Mary Blair

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Godzilla Poster by EdwardDelandreArt on deviantART

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Tomorrow is the last day the caricature show is up at Disney, here are a few that I submitted to the show:

Zach Parrish, Nick Russell, Brittany Kikuchi, Daniel Klug, Marisa Castro, Michael Woodside, Jen Vera, Minor Gaytan, Nara Yun, Dawn Rivera-Ernster

More to come!

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(1995-2004) Acrylic

Dreamworks Animation , Warner Bros, Cartoon Network

I always do a color rough before starting a final painting (even when working in Photoshop). I started doing this at Ren and Stimpy, it was something Scott Wills and Raymond Zibach were doing so I thought I should too. It really takes the guess work out of doing the final painting. You can figure out your color palette and values in a tiny rough ahead of time. We would buy little cups at Smart and Final and use that for mixing and saving the Cel-Vinyl. You can store the mixed colors in Tupperware with a wet napkin. The paint will last for days.

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Adam Nickel Illustrations - New Scientist & Edge Magazine

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Samurai Jack #4 variant by Genndy Tartakovsky

(This is a bloody beautiful cover.)

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Jean Claude Mezieres: concept art for the movie “The Fifth Element”.

Also it should be noted that the Fifth Element was inspired by one of the volumes of Mézières’ excellent comic series Valerian and Laureline.

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Victor Kalin (by ondiraiduveau)

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Today’s warmup!

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Xena Warrior Princess for sketch dailies! 

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